what is Ionization?

So in case you were wondering what ionization is all about ...

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ultraPURE is an environmentally friendly solution for purifying air in interior spaces, especially adept at eliminating viruses, mold, smoke, pollen, dander and bacteria.

The best part? It does not produce nasty ozone, making it safe to use in occupied spaces. Whether you put ultraPURE in your home or use it to remediate problem areas, you can rest easy knowing that you are not generating harmful ozone while purifying the air.

Why iAIRE?

iAIRE's patented process allows you to utilize your
existing equipment to purify your air.

As building codes change, indoor spaces are actually "tighter" than ever. This causes indoor air to often times be more contaminated than the air outside. The average person spends 90% of their time indoors exposed to these contaminates.

ultraPURE reduces and eliminates

Viruses | Mold Spores | Smoke Odor | Pollen |

Animal Dander | Hay Fever | Asthma Symptoms |

Other Common Household Odors

Additional benefits

Reduction in radon levels or chemical odors

from cleaning products and other materials and fabrics.

How it works

ultraPURE is unlike UV bulbs that are fragile and costly to replace or HEPA filters that need constant replacing and maintenance.


The purification devices we use have no moving parts and do not use any chemicals or filter systems. This means you can install it and forget it.

What we offer

Whether you are challenged in dealing with living quarters, event spaces, laundry rooms, food preparation spaces or common areas, ultraPURE is able to resolve indoor air quality problems in any indoor environment.


This is accomplished through our environmentally friendly, tailor made solutions.